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How It works?


The prerequisite to attend online tutoring is to have the Personal Computer/ Lap top with the following configuration and accessories:

      Pentium dual core or above or equivalent

Minimum 2 gb RAM (memory)

Internet connectivity with 3Mbps minimum (lower bandwidths works but not clearly)

Speakers / Head Phones


Web camera – optional

Browsers: Firefox, explorer, google Chrome etc


Step 1:

Go through pages and understand the essence of online training and the benefits it brings to your finger tips.

Step 2:

Register with your details and remember your user-name and password for subsequent usages.

Step 3:

Click on ‘PLANS’

Select category, medium of instruction, class (NONE for advanced courses), and the subject.

Purchase number of hours that you would like to receive tutoring. 

Schedule tutoring sessions.

Step 4:

After login, click on enter class, it will take you to class room section.

Look for the current week, look for the class room for that day, and click on it.

In next page click on enter class

If you want to review earlier recorded classes, look for them and click on them.

Step 5:

Virtual class room application is loaded, a small popup shows up, select at allow and close it.

Test your devices by clicking on the wrench at top.

 Step 6:

You can speak through your microphone and listen through headsets or speaker.

Click on Raise Hand if you would like the tutor’s attention.

Post your questions or concerns through chat.

Step 7:

After completion of the class, click on tab closure to end the class.

 Note: Please join the class 5 minutes early to avoid 11th hour issues.

Online Tutoring

  • Personalized one-on-one tutoring.
  • Every session is recorded.
  • Noise free audio and video.
  • Digital White boards.
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Reasonable hourly price.
  • Schedule a tuition at your convenience.
  • Choose a tutor to be assigned to entire term.


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