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  • One-on-One sessions:


Having face to face interaction with the tutor enables the attention to focus more on the subject and to gain better grades. Tutors’ complete focus on the student, every hour spent, renews the student’s ideas to update him/her self. The one-2-one classes facilitate enough space to review and do his/her assignments, which in turn allows the student to perform better than the traditional learners. 


  • Choose your preferred tutor


Sign up for a free demo and  choose your best preferred tutor based on their teaching during the demo.


  • Noise free Audio :

eStudyHub provides you classes with superior voice quality and noise filter technology which gives you a sophisticated learning experience.


  • HD Video Streaming: 

High definition video streaming make you feel that you are sitting in the class room as it virtualizes the class room for you. The multimedia subject content is streamed with cluster clear to your end that entertains you as if you are part of it. 


  • Digital whiteboards: 

Significant aspects of the topics are highlighted to the students on Digital whiteboard to aid clear understanding.



Online Tutoring

  • Personalized one-on-one tutoring.
  • Every session is recorded.
  • Noise free audio and video.
  • Digital White boards.
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Reasonable hourly price.
  • Schedule a tuition at your convenience.
  • Choose a tutor to be assigned to entire term.


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