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What is online Tutoring and how is it better than Private Home tuitions?


Online Tutoring refers to a process in which a LIVE tutor is able to teach a student using interactive technologies over the internet. The tutor and student are able to talk to each other, see each other, and write on a shared whiteboard, much like a normal face to face tutoring session. eStudyHub provides real time tutoring rather than giving, multi-media modules, test papers or recorded sessions. Online Tutoring is preferable than Private Home Tuitions as each student has access to the very best of tutors, irrespective of where he/she stays. Else a student is limited to choosing only those tutors who are able to commute to their homes, while the best tutors may be in another locality, another city or even another country.


How does eStudyHub Online Tutoring work?


eStudyHub Online Tutoring happens through a web-conferencing platform, which creates a virtual classroom on the internet. The student and tutor connect to the virtual classroom through the eStudyHub website at the scheduled time. On connecting they are able to talk to each other, see each other and use the whiteboard with digital pens. eStudyHub Learning Management system tracks the student progress at each stage and provides relevant practice and testing in a very systematic way to the students. Moreover, each tutoring session is recorded and the student can review the session whenever needed.


How do I need to start taking online tutoring sessions?


In order to start using eStudyHub, a student must REGISTER on the website. The Registration process is very simple, requiring the student to enter basic information like name, class, city etc. Once a student is registered by paying rupees 100, they receive their login/password for the website and can start using eStudyHub services. Each student who registers on eStudyHub is given a FREE demonstration session for him to experience eStudyHub tutoring on his own. Post the FREE Demo the student may subscribe to any of eStudyHub packages, make the requisite payment and start taking eStudyHub tutoring on a regular basis. In order to start Online Tutoring from eStudyHub, a student must have the following.

Pentium dual core or above or equivalent

Minimum 1 gb RAM (memory)

Internet connectivity with 1Mbps minimum (lower bandwidths works but not clearly)

Speakers / Head Phones


Web camera – optional

Browsers: Firefox, explorer, google Chrome etc


Does eStudyHub use a particular methodology to teach students?


eStudyHub believes that each student is unique and needs a unique approach. However, there is a detailed guidance framework for our tutors to follow while teaching, ensuring that each topic is covered thoroughly and in a standardized manner. The duration of time taken by a student to cover a course varies, but the coverage remains constant. Each student is helped in covering their entire syllabus well within time for their examinations, with enough time left over for personal or eStudyHub assisted revision.


As a parent, how can I know the progress of my child?


You can monitor the progress of your child by seeing their test results and the periodic tutor feedback, in their login. All tutors are required to provide periodic feedback on certain pre defined parameters for every student. All eStudyHub tutors are also advised to talk to every parent, at least once every month to keep them updated on their child's progress.




Online Tutoring

  • Personalized one-on-one tutoring.
  • Every session is recorded.
  • Noise free audio and video.
  • Digital White boards.
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Reasonable hourly price.
  • Schedule a tuition at your convenience.
  • Choose a tutor to be assigned to entire term.


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