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Welcome to estudyhub



We as a team have a vision to impart quality tutoring.



We endeavor to provide the aspirants with insightful and conceptual learning and skills by leveraging the latest technologies.



In the 21st century, digitalization, internet, live demonstrations, browsing, and virtualization are playing pivotal roles in the sphere of education.


We wish to exploit the cutting edge technology to the fullest to motivate students for higher order learning skills to enable them to meet the challenges of the 21st century. 


Our team with their decades of experience in the field of education and with an efficient fusion of different methods and techniques of teaching adopt the method judiciously to suit the learning needs of each individual.


Hence students feel motivated and develop a passion for learning through technology aided learning. 


Virtual on line classes not only make learning a pleasurable experience but also create an environment that is conducive to learning by promoting self learning, knowledge sharing and socialization skills. 


We employ cutting edge technology to provide animated and digitized subject content to the student to comprehend and conceptualize the contents.


The extensive use of digital white boards makes transaction of the content easy and more effective. Students feel encouraged to use them in solving the problems and meeting the challenges.


The Power Point Presentations and documents which are widely used add a potent audio visual impact and make the learning process more meaningful.


The animation techniques are used to promote abstract thinking and formation of concepts by making the animations represent ideas and concepts.


Hence learning becomes  burden-less, stress free and an enjoyable experience to the students and develops in them a spirit of exploration and inquisitiveness.


Students develop Life skills and emotional intelligence like courage and confidence to cope with various complex situations and challenges in life.


Anyone with basic computer knowledge can maneuver through the tabs and have easy access to  easy study and learning of the contents in their choice subjects.


Another significant feature of e-learning is the flexibility in timings. Regular study habits and schedules keep the students connected with eSudyHub.



Online Tutoring

  • Personalized one-on-one tutoring.
  • Every session is recorded.
  • Noise free audio and video.
  • Digital White boards.
  • Highly qualified and experienced tutors.
  • Reasonable hourly price.
  • Schedule a tuition at your convenience.
  • Choose a tutor to be assigned to entire term.


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